‘Gold’ – Trailer Review



Release date:
25th December 2016 (limited release)

Directed by:
Stephen Gaghan

Patrick Massett and John Ziman


– Matthew McConaughey
– Bryce Dallas Howard
– Toby Kebbell
– Edgar Ramírez
– Rachel Taylor

Set in the 1980s,  ‘Gold’ is about Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey) and Michael Acosta (Edgar Ramírez) travelling to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold – and the trials and tribulations that come with this seeming success.

I Googled the UK release date, and the search engine’s response was ‘limited release’, and I think this is for a reason. I initially saw an Instagram post about this film, and so Googled it to see what it was all about (as I like following Matthew McConaughey’s career) – but instead of finding this film, I accidentally stumbled across a the single ‘Gold’ by Kiiara, which is fantastic!

This film, however, looks generic. From a distance, this film looks like it will be a mixture between ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (2013) (a film also set in the 1980s about the US stock-market),’The Big Short’ (2015) (about America’s mortgage situation before the 2008 recession), and ‘Fools Gold’ (2008) (an adventure film about a couple of married treasure hunters). The former are 2 great films about the highs and lows of economic systems in America, the latter is just shit – and ‘Gold’, to me, looks like it will be a mixture of all 3 films.  I am going to watch it if it comes to a cinema near me (which I doubt it will), but I probably won’t like it/definitely would not pay to see it. It’s sad because I thought Matthew McConaughey was coming into his own in terms of acting in the past few years… but it looks like a similar role to his previous characters (like that in ‘Fools Gold’). I hope I am wrong….

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