13 weeks to go… Happy Valentine’s Day

Last night it hit me that it’s 13 weeks to go until productions of the short I’m producing gets underway…

I’m so nervously excited. Sorting out social media and funding tonight (my two favourite things), followed by watching ‘Closer’ (2004) – an all time favourite film of mine, which I will review shortly.

I completely forgot it was Valentine’s Day, until I woke up to cards from my mum and grandma (yes I’m that cool), and so have decided to watch this film. My views of love and relationships are pretty warped at the moment (which is something I’m trying to figure out), and this film makes me realise how close love and hate really are on the ’emotional spectrum’ (I guess it’s true what they say – there is a thin line between love and hate). I’m not saying I hate anyone, but this film makes me appreciate how obsessive and destructive love can be (rather than the idealised romantic perception that card companies and rom-coms usually depict) – the guy does not always get the girl, and endings are rarely happy…

Consequently, I’m going to obsess over trying to find funding for my short (of which I will divulge more information when I’m happier with the way I’m producing), and unwind from a hectic day at work watching this tragic classic. I can’t wait! 


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