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Going Down Under

I haven’t posted in months, which is absolutely heartbreaking!! I had big plans to write about my progress as a first-time producer outside of Film School, whilst continuing to write film reviews, and have sadly not had time to do either!! 

I began this blog as a film reviewing blog whilst I couldn’t work/ psychically move (because I’d fucked my knee up), then said I wanted to transform this blog into a personal blog about my experiences of trying to get into film production, and now I am altering this into a blog about my own life (encompassing both these passions and much more).

I have always believed that personal accounts like this are organic, and so will evolve over time anyway (as and when a clear path becomes evident on what they should be about). Consequently, I will not delete my past posts (as it’s nice to look back at movies I love/ambitions I had set myself). However, as I, myself, am ‘Lost For Words’, I feel that my newly sited purpose for this blog (i.e. an account of my own life experiences) better suited, as I struggle to have an intelligible conversation about my emotions, but love to write about how I’m feeling/the stupid things that happen to me. I therefore want to write about my life, from my love of movies to my attempts to get into the industry, to my personal mishaps and current travels, to not only help me express myself, which will hopefully help me to become a better writer.

So, the purpose of this first post (of this newly organised blog), is to outline the first few days of the rest of my life, as I am in the process of moving to/living and working in Australia (on the other side of the world) for at least the next 6 months of my life (if all goes to plan – which never seems to happen)…

So, my original plan was to go to Australia and visit my best friend, as a distraction from a broken heart (which I stupidly broke myself). I left the love of my life and couldn’t bare to be in the same country, so decided to book a trip to the other side of the world!! Sadly, this was waylaid for a year (due to family illness/accidentally self-inflicted injuries). As a result, instead of going to Perth to stay with a friend studying there, I travelled alone almost a year later than planned.

I’m not going to lie, I have been shitting myself about coming, having spent countless nights sat up having quiet panic attacks to myself. However, I am now in Melbourne (the second scheduled stop of my trip after Perth), and am just about getting by.

It still doesn’t feel like I’ve left England, and I still have accidentally spoken to people as though I am in still in England. I have been lost countless times (Google Maps hasn’t helped), but luckily everyone here has been amazingly helpful – to the point where my first Uber driver in Melbourne offered me work!!

I am still trying to figure out Melbourne (this is only the second day I have been living here) – so still need to figure out transport, work and where to live. Consequently, the next few blogs will be tips on how to get by in Australia/how I am progressing and what I plan to do next.